6 months free service for Lukango customers

We want to help get you started with your journey to cookie compliance, so we have created a special introductory offer to give you your first 6 month free!

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Demonstrate Cookie Compliance

Helping to protect your business from the things that can go wrong, we are offering you a special 6 months FREE introductory package of our cookie compliance auditing solution your company website.

A well implemented cookie policy helps build trust for visitors to your website aligning with corporate and commercial branding needs.

Visitors are increasingly more sophisticated in their understanding of user privacy controls and demand that organisations meet their expectations.

How to get your introductory offer

Send an email to lukango-offer@digitalcontrolroom.com with “Lukango6” in the subject line, and a link to your company website and your contact details in the message and we’ll be in touch.

For over 10 years our managed solutions have been keeping clients of all sizes compliant with continually changing regulatory requirements.

As your expert partner, we work closely with compliance, marketing and technical teams providing the support you need in an ever changing compliance landscape.

Cookie compliance solution – benefits

  • Local and third-party cookies categorisation is streamlined, timelines are reduced, and human error is eliminated.
  • Includes a fully responsive website banner and cookie policy to match your website style and language.
  • Automatically updates policies in 40+ languages with the results of the latest audit.
  • Cookie policies are configured to meet compliance requirements, including text modifications and consent management.
  • Automatic updates are applied to the cookie policy each month, adding new cookies and removing hidden ones.