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Currently, this site makes use of cookies where it is essential, and required. In the future, in order to personalise and improve the quality of our web site and services as well as to build up profile information about visitors to our site, we may from time to time send you what is known as a 'Cookie'. A Cookie is a piece of text, that attaches to your hard drive (but does not access your hard drive) and from which it can store and sometimes track information on how you make use of a web site. Please note that the web sites to which this site may be linked may also make use of their own Cookies to collect information from you.

Cookies help us to gauge the number of people who make use of our facilities and the extent of the repeated usage by registered and unregistered clients. For example, cookies can assist in identifying whether you have visited a website before or if you have any language preferences. 

The section below contains information on the cookies we use - simply click each category to see more detail.