Slash costs and time with automated cookie compliance

Our cookie audit solution automates slow, expensive, inaccurate manual audits to boost your organisation’s regulatory compliance, save time, and improve your people’s productivity.

Reduce regulatory risks and free your teams

Websites change constantly. The bigger the website, the more impossible the task is to audit the site manually for every cookie and out-of-date policy.

As your people tire of the complex and tedious search for countless hidden needles in thousands of haystacks the costs multiply and the risk of regulatory censure rises.

You need an entirely new, radical approach to ensure you comply with the ePrivacy Directive, the GDPR, CCPA, CPRA and other global regulations. Moreover, you’d welcome the chance to save costs and give your regulatory and compliance teams a break.

Meet the latest regulatory requirements automatically

Digital Control Room’s streamlined cookie audit solution is easy to deploy with a few lines of HTML or tag management and meets the latest regulatory requirements worldwide.

It makes your auditing process agile, seamless and fast by automatically scanning every web page, following every link and running JavaScript to identify all set cookies and tracking technologies.

Meanwhile, your regulatory and compliance teams can sleep easy knowing that auditing is more accurate and the risks have been reduced.

Cookie compliance solution – benefits

  • Local and third-party cookies categorisation is streamlined, timelines are reduced, and human error is eliminated.
  • Includes a fully responsive website banner and cookie policy to match your website style and language.
  • Automatically updates policies in 40+ languages with the results of the latest audit.
  • Cookie policies are configured to meet compliance requirements, including text modifications and consent management.
  • Automatic updates are applied to the cookie policy each month, adding new cookies and removing hidden ones.