Cookie Compliance

The Cookie audit service provides a comprehensive managed service solution which automates cookie compliance requirements, such as the GDPR,  CCPA, EU ePrivacy Directive and other Global regulations.


The ePrivacy Directive and the GDPR require organisations to inform their website visitors of the cookies that may be set, what information is being collected and then obtain consent to use or share that information.

However, websites are constantly changing and a manual audit of a website can be time consuming and quickly becomes out of date. To manually audit all websites (domain, sub-domains, linked and branded domains), categorise cookies and update policies  quickly become impossible.

Organisations need a cost effective, consistent and automated solution to ensure continual compliance can be achieved and demonstrated.


The Cookie audit solution automatically scans every page of a website, follows every link and runs JavaScript to identify all cookies and other tracking technology that are set.

The solution automatically categorises each cookie, and creates a fully responsive banner and policy which can be styled to match your website requirements. The policy also includes fully compliant consent controls, to meet the latest regulatory requirements from around the globe.

A policy is easily deployed to a website with a few lines of HTML in site templates or by using a tag management solution, such as Tealium or Google Tag Manager.

All policies are available in 40+ languages and are automatically updated each month with the results of the latest site audit.

Features and Benefits

Automated and comprehensive auditing of website pages each month

Automatic categorisation of local and third-party cookies

Fully responsive website banner and cookie policy designed to match your website style and language

Cookie policies configured to meet compliance requirements, including text modifications and consent management

Simple to implement with a few lines of HTML or integrates with Tag Management tools (Google Tag Manager, Tealium, etc)

Automatic updates applied to the cookie policy each month, adding new cookies and removing those not seen