Content Governance

Automated website and repository scanning to identify all content and perform pre-defined quality control checks, to identify any remediation requirements and ensure regulatory and internal compliance requirements



Organisations need to be completely aware of the content and other digital elements on their websites which have inherent compliance and governance requirements.

Many business sectors, such as pharmaceutical, financial, legal and marketing, require adherence to strict regulations and also to the content which is made available on their websites, mobile apps and social media platforms.


The Content Governance solution scans the full range of digital assets, auditing behind logins and navigating complex user journeys, to automatically monitor and manage digital content and identify gaps requiring remediation.

Content available on digital platforms, linked sites and embedded files (PDFs, images, HTML, etc.) is automatically scanned and assessed against pre-defined Quality assurance rules to highlight issues and ensure regulatory and internal policy compliance.

Features and Benefits

Ability to demonstrate comprehensive compliance

Automatically highlight potential compliance issues

Significantly reduce time and effort to audit controlled content, while increasing accuracy

Search for controlled content in any language

Location of matches are highlighted within web page or document page for easy identification

All results stored for audit and historical purposes

Search terms can include:

Predefined keywords (e.g.: Products, brands, asset ID, inventory, names, etc)

Predefined Phrases (e.g. regulated text, statutory notices, legal notices)

Email addresses

Telephone numbers in any format

Categorised keywords and phrases (Brand, Products)

Categorised dates (expiry, published, review, etc)

Flag external resources

Content in PDF metadata

Content in URL structure

Compliance control logic can include:

Front page must include an asset tracking ID and copyright notice

Contact Us page must have the correct and working email address and correct telephone number for geographic audience

Legal page must include a specific office address

All links to pages must work