De-risk your online content fast

Our content scanning technology automatically finds outdated, inaccurate website and app content that poses a regulatory risk and saves your team from lengthy and tedious manual searches.


Why you need to manage your online content

It’s impossible to keep up with all the changes organisations make to a large website. Yet an outdated notice or a misleading phrase could hurt your brand and reputation.

Your online content may comply with regulatory requirements at go-live but unless it is actively managed and updated, information can easily become out of date.

Only with regular auditing of your digital assets can you be assured of ongoing compliance and eliminate the risk of regulatory censure, punitive fines and reputational damage.

Automatically audit your online content

Manually checking hundreds, or even thousands, of web pages, images or PDFs is slow, expensive and prone to human error. Our digital asset assurance solutions use machine learning to automatically identify potentially problematic elements within your online content.

Our platform pinpoints and categorises content rapidly for 75% less cost than a manual search.

Meanwhile, your legal, compliance, digital governance and marketing teams have peace of mind and are free to get on with other priorities.

Meet your regulatory and compliance challenges

Our dynamic content scanning tool automates website scanning to identify different types of content that might pose risks.

Unlike a digital asset management system, our solution maintains, checks and audits material once it’s distributed. In other words, it does the work on the horse after it has bolted.

Content governance solution – benefits

  • The DCR content governance solution penetrates and audits beyond complex gateways like age verification, visitor checks such as HCP vs patient, and login areas.
  • You can scan all content in any language, including PDFs, images, HTML, JavaScript.
  • Once the content is pinpointed and categorised, you can run pre-defined quality control checks that give any element a pass/fail result. That way, you can take remedial steps while compliance is maintained.
  • You can use the platform independently, integrate it with other DCR platforms like our cookie audit service or integrate it into other third-party solutions.