Digital Control Room

Data privacy regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are significantly raising the requirements and executive accountability for enterprise-wide oversight and control of personal data, from the moment of collection through the full processing lifecycle.

To meet these challenges Digital Control Room clarifies, automates and places organisations in control of their data collection and processing infrastructures with comprehensive, end-to-end data governance, compliance and project management solutions.


GDPR Compliance

The GDPR is generating major challenges for organisations in their oversight, control and methods of personal data collection and processing – and significantly increasing executive level accountability and corporate liability for failures to document and demonstrate compliance.

Our GDPR Compliance Platform is established on that basis to provide a cloud-based and comprehensive technical, managerial, procedural and administrative framework to achieve, maintain, document and demonstrate GDPR compliance.

The Platform’s architecture is built from our pragmatic, in-house ethos, focussing on enabling organisations to answer not just legal questions, but to equip them with the tools and solutions needed to overcome the full range of technical, procedural and managerial challenges they will inevitably face when it comes to implementing and maintaining compliance and accountability systems within and across their corporate groups.

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Cookie Compliance

In May 2011, the EU ePrivacy Directive was adopted into law by all EU member states and required website owners to provide site visitors with clear and comprehensive information on their use of cookies and similar technologies, such as HTML5 storage, so that the visitors can make informed decisions as to whether they wish to continue using the site.

Cookie Audit services give organisations the tools and visibility they need to efficiently audit, track, manage and respond to the ways they are using cookies across their web-estates, including their websites, campaign-sites, mobile platforms, etc. - enabling them to accurately manage cookie use by their teams and third party suppliers.

A highly valued feature within this tooling is its delivery of a single line of code enabling companies to easily generate, implement and display cookie policies throughout their web-estates.

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  • I see Digital Control Room as an essential and effective tool, helping to solve key GDPR challenges and providing centralised visibility on important online data and information

    Adrian Asher, CISO, HSBC
  • It’s great knowing everything out there is accurate – and that when we do need to make an update, we can do it quickly and simply, and with confidence that we’ve updated everything, everywhere

    Digital program manager, International manufacturer and retailer
  • I just want to say that this tool is really impressive

    Global Digital Governance manager, Multinational Pharmaceutical company