About Digital Control Room

Digital Control Room is an independent RegTech software company specialising in providing Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) software solutions and services to organisations across the globe.

Our Software Tools

Digital Control Room’s software tools allows legal and compliance teams to effectively manage complex regulatory obligations, particularly in the areas of privacy and healthcare laws.

With over 20 years of corporate in-house legal and technical experience, Digital Control Room has the understanding, knowledge and insight to empower Managerial, Legal and Operational teams to efficiently meet the full range of compliance challenges imposed by many regulations.

What We Provide

Digital Control Room provides Smart Frameworks to guide businesses through the legalities and technicalities of data governance and privacy compliance. It provides readily accessible tools to reduce workloads and enable teams to focus their time and expertise on key objectives.

Digital Control Room enables organisations to achieve and demonstrate compliance accountability – confidently building and securing marketplace trust and reputation.