German regulator demands explicit consent

The Challenge

A global enterprise had an urgent need to implement explicit cookie consent controls after scrutiny from the Germany Data Protection Authority (DPA). They already had a mature cookie audit project in place, including a migration to explicit consent, but the demand was they they implement those controls ASAP.

The Solution

We were able to implement the necessary explicit consent controls within 24hrs by working closely with their compliance and marketing teams. Our cookie audit solution, along with experienced technical team, enabled them to quickly integrate the site visitor consent preferences into the load-rules of their Google and Tealium tag managers.

The Results

The website owners were able to confirm to their data privacy officer that they had implemented the necessary controls and therefore achieved compliance. To further assure that compliance had been achieved, we ran a series of verification audits, which are a set of specific audits configured to opt-in or opt-out of the cookie categories and auto-examine the results.

How we can help you

Many organisations find themselves ‘falling behind regulatory requirements’ by do not display the appropriate cookie details, such as the name, expiry or the company has access to the data and is effectively the data controller/processor. We can help you achieve compliance –  simply send an email to and include website you would like us to audit and we will send you an audit summary report.