COVID-19 Activity Recorder

Introducing the COVID-19 Activity Recorder

A FREE Online Dashboard to Guide and Record your COVID-19 Data Privacy Activities

Digital Control Room has launched the “COVID-19 Activity Recorder” for organisations who handle COVID-19 related data collection and need to remain compliant with the GDPR and regulators such as the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK Data Protection regulator.

From the ICO’s blog Community groups and COVID-19: what you need to know about data protection

Finally, you should keep a record of any decisions you make that involve the use of personal information. Ideally, you should do this first – even before you start collecting information. But we understand that might not be possible during the pandemic. So just make sure you keep notes of what you’ve done and why and then make more detailed records as soon as possible.

The COVID-19 Activity Recorder is a FREE and easy to use online dashboard that efficiently guides organisations through the steps they should perform to record their actions in line with  ICO guidance, GDPR principles and recognised best practices – unlike a spreadsheet and email based approach that makes it hard to coordinate inputs, consolidate responses and does not provide an audit trail.

The COVID-19 Activity Recorder uses Digital Control Room’s technology that is trusted by global organisations. It is easy to use, cost effective (free!) and helps you manage and demonstrate compliance.

Improving Compliance Effectiveness and Efficiency

The COVID-19 Activity Recorder is an online workflow that efficiently guides organisations through the steps they should perform in line with ICO guidance, GDPR principles and recognised best practices.


Shows the list of proceduresFigure 1: The procedures listing page


Shows the list of steps within a procedureFigure 2: The list of steps within a procedure


The COVID-19 Activity Recorder:

    1. Gives dynamic links to relevant GDPR and other regulatory information
    2. Enables users to create a separate procedure for each applicable activity (e.g. taking temperature readings)
    3. Captures and makes data available in real-time, including:
      • Who is responsible, procedure progress and which procedures are complete
      • Activities planned or taken
      • Supporting answers, rationales and other notations
      • Activity logs to enable access to prior inputs and provide an audit trail
    1. Centrally documents, consolidates and allows this information to be immediately made available for further review and reporting


Without this automation, organisations are typically left to define their own procedures and manually manage their research, collaboration, record keeping and reporting by using disjointed and time-consuming spreadsheets and email.

Request Access

The COVID-19 Activity Recorder is designed for organisations, so please send your company name and corresponding work email address to and we will be in touch.