Catalogue Management

Catalogue is an asset management platform that enables Compliance and Governance teams to directly monitor and manage the digital assets for which they are accountable


Compliance and Governance teams need to be able to report against the state of an asset for which they are accountable, and rely heavily on IT and business teams to help gather required information.

It can be a difficult and lengthy process to specify exact requirements, and it’s equally difficult for supporting teams to understand and determine how best to provide the information. This can lead to frustration and errors, with the end result falling short of expectations.

Compliance and Governance teams need to be able to efficiently self-serve to meet complex digital requirement.


Catalogue manages a range of assets identified by each organisation, such as websites, mobile applications, domain registrations, social media platforms and other digital assets.

Each asset is assigned an owner and Catalogue allows them to track and manage the key data points, using automated data feeds, task management workflow and dynamic reports.

Based on the asset type, ownership and state, a range of automated tasks can be triggered – with priorities, due dates and escalation rules. The task system also implements a full range of in-platform and external email notifications.

Catalogue can import data through files or API connections  and implements a full range of role based access controls for assets, tasks, notifications and reports.

Features and Benefits

Centralised source of trusted information for business teams and asset owners

Visibility across all asset and owner status and availability

Automatic updates from our connected Content Governance, GDPR and Cookie Compliance service, and other platforms such as security, data privacy and HR systems

Data accuracy, with rule-based data entry and field validation

Business and operational real-time reporting

Collaborate easily with internal teams, vendors and advisors

Responsive design, on desktop, tablet or mobile

Secure SaaS platform with Single Sign On