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DCR Announces Strategic GDPR Partnership with Icon Solutions

Digital Control Room and Icon Solutions have partnered to codify their extensive combined knowledge of the banking domain - embracing data governance and large scale institutional regulatory transformation – into The GDPR Integrator, a SaaS GDPR Platform. Designed to specifically address the data challenges faced by the financial sector.

Telling the DCR story in Tokyo

Digital Control Room (DCR) were delighted to be invited to attend the RegSum event in Tokyo, Japan. Organised by Nikkei, Japan’s largest financial newspaper, they identified DCR through our inclusion on the RegTech 100, a list of Global Regulation Technology Providers created by FinTech.Global.

The value of Personal and Private Data

Personal Data is currency in the Information Age and is being traded to the tune of billions of dollars globally – and increasing each year as the more personal data is analysed, categorised and linked, the more valuable it becomes. 

Experian Data Breach Exposes 15 Million Users

Experian has been hacked, exposing the details of 15 million T-Mobile consumers. Information is a significant corporate asset and failing to manage it properly equates to squandering company value. For every digital solution you apply to an operational process, the result is data that needs to be managed!

Information Governance

We live in a rapidly changing business environment with a constantly evolving technology landscape. For every digital solution you apply to an operational process, the result is informational output that needs to be managed in some way.