About Us

We believe that privacy is going to be one of the defining themes of the next decade. People are increasingly aware of how their personal data gets used (and abused) – and are rightly demanding more control and accountability.

Legislation, such as the EU GDPR and the EU ePrivacy Directive, is changing how organisations need to engage with their customers and only brands that are honest, helpful and transparent about how they handle all aspects of privacy and information will earn the trust of their customers.

That’s what we help our clients do: strengthen the bond of trust with their customers, by helping them control and manage their information portfolios – from directly ‘privacy-affecting’ data such as cookie policies, through to the small print at the heart of their contracts.

Cookie Reports now renamed to Digital Control Room

We’ve been doing this since 2011. Initially, we were called Cookie Reports and helped our clients meet complex cookie compliance standards. But our clients increasingly asked us to help them tackle other information and compliance challenges that they couldn't find effective tools to help them manage. That’s why Digital Control Room was born.

Our origins in regulatory compliance management means you can be confident thatDigital Control Room is built to the most exacting standards: very robust, extremely accurate, and highly adaptable.